Letters to the Editor

Atheism: A life without purpose

The article "Atheists find sanctuary at gathering" (Oct. 12, Page A-6) leaves me puzzled. Doesn't this seem like anarchists forming a political party?

If they were successful in their goals, would our money say "In No God We Trust"? Or perhaps, "We Trust In No One"? (Should "No One" be in small letters to avoid any semblance of a higher being?)

I wonder if atheists are more likely to be depressed than people of faith and, as a result, spend more for medical care. Should this be considered truth in advertising?

When atheists claim that religion has caused such harm, do they include the work being done every day in soup kitchens and homeless shelters? Are they complaining about the food quality or the accommodations? (Have they ever volunteered their time?)

I feel bad for the atheists. Their life must seem like such a dead end. Unfortunately some seed has been scattered on rocks. I'll pray for them anyway, even though they must think I'm talking to myself.