Letters to the Editor

Let Castle Airport's name stand

Regarding "Yosemite leading hunt for new 'Castle' name" (Oct. 11, Page B-8): With World War II veterans disappearing at a rapid rate, it seems it's time to get rid of the name Castle, too. To bad he didn't have a chance to become president or a famous actor with name recognition, instead of just giving his life serving his country.

Brig. Gen. Frederick W. Castle may be unknown to many, but he isn't to me. I flew in the same group that he was leading when he was shot down, and I have a good idea of what he must have gone through. I am sorry and disappointed to see his name being pushed aside in the name of progress and recognition. There seem to be many Yosemite airports in the area, but only one Castle Airport. Let's keep it that way and continue to honor a deserving hero.