Letters to the Editor

Investigate students' background

I read the article "Ceres cops accused of heavy hand" (Oct. 10, Page B-1). The article said several "college students" accused the police of using excessive force. The Bee only printed half the story. The article's writer must have investigated the background of the officers, because the story gave specific information about the officers' work history. What the article didn't list was how many of the "college students" had prior arrests or convictions.

Since The Bee investigated the officers, and listed their histories, The Bee has an obligation to do the same for those arrested. We need to know if they have been arrested before and why. We also need to know if any have been identified as gang members. We also need to know how many times the police have been called to that residence, and why they were called. Were they all college students, and how did The Bee confirm which of the individuals were "college students" and where they attend? In fairness, The Bee has more investigating and reporting to do on this story.



Editor's note: Bee reporters looked into the backgrounds of all involved in the Ceres incident.