Letters to the Editor

Principal steps up to the plate

I found the article about Don Davis, Waterford High School principal, making two students get on their knees and apologize to each other for fighting to be a classic example of why our educational system is in such disarray.

This was not the first time these two students had been in trouble for fighting. Traditional methods of correcting the problem had already failed. It was time for someone, in this case, Davis, to ratchet up the consequences in order to make the point with these students that fighting would not be tolerated. What the article failed to mention, however, was that Davis was also on his knees while he was addressing this issue with the boys.

Perhaps if other principals and administrators around the country had stepped up to the plate when there were disciplinary problems some of the tragedies on this nation's school campuses could have been avoided.

Don Davis is a first-class principal and exemplary administrator. He has the very best interests of the students, staff and faculty of WHS at heart. He has taken Waterford High from just another high school to one of California's highest- ranking high schools academically. I commend Davis for his handling of this situation.