Letters to the Editor

No wonder Lakewood does well

It was good to read that Lakewood School received the highest API score in seven counties. What the writer of the letter "Board, Bee ignore API triumph" (Oct. 15) forgot to tell Bee readers is that Lakewood School is a magnet school. In other words, Lakewood takes many of the good students from surrounding schools and brings them together. The result is that Lakewood's API scores go up and those of the surrounding schools go down.

There can be no doubt that Lakewood School has a challenging curriculum, but so do other schools. All schools have good teachers, but I do not believe that they are the real heroes in students doing well. Good teachers are a vital element in education, but the most critical factor is the parents who set high standards and have shown an intense interest in their children's success.

Teachers and parents working together bring about high API scores. School administrators might want to roundtable ideas on how to motivate more parents to take an active interest in their child's education.