Letters to the Editor

Cheese, wine fest going downhill

My husband and I attended the most recent Riverbank Cheese and Wine Expo, and it was for the last time. We have been to several in the past and it seems that it just keeps going downhill.

First, the parking -- or lack of. There is no designated parking or shuttle service. The only parking is on the street, and since the locals have half of those blocked off with lawn chairs, you have to park at least four blocks away, then walk the length of the festival.

Second, the ticket system for drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic). My husband wanted a soda, so we stood in line; when we got to the front, we were told we needed a ticket. We went across the street and stood in line again and bought tickets. We then went across the street and stood in line for the third time. All in all, about 45 minutes to buy one soda. We then walked about two blocks and found vendors accepting cold, hard cash -- no tickets needed.

Lastly, there is seating at both ends of the festival, but not where the food is sold. By the time you find a seat, your food is cold.