Letters to the Editor

Gun microstamping law amounts to a ban

California passed, and Gov. Schwarzenegger signed, the controversial firearms microstamping bill last weekend. This bill requires semiautomatic handguns manufactured after 2010 to make a microscopic identification imprint on ejected brass.

While this may seem like a great idea, it has been shown in test after test to be easily defeatable with a nail file. This bill does nothing to stop a criminal from scooping up spent brass at the local shooting range and scattering it at a crime scene.

Most interesting, though, is that law enforcement personnel are exempt from this requirement -- for both duty and personal weapons. Why would a police officer not want a traceable firearm?

Sadly, this bill will simply act as another de facto gun ban, since many manufacturers will refuse to comply with this new requirement, and discontinue sales to the California market.