Letters to the Editor

Boycott Hershey, buy Ghirardelli

Did you get the word! Richard H. Lenny, CEO of Hershey, will be retiring at the end of this year. His work is done. Closing six plants in the United States and Canada, firing more than

3,000 workers. Richard H. Lenny now can retire at a very early age, if he wishes, with millions in cash and stock.

The board of directors who hired this rascal is still in place, controlling what's left of Hershey and now producing chocolate in Monterrey, Mexico. Don't blame Mexico, it's just business. Take a look at the many other American companies selling out. The good news: Hershey's second-quarter profits fell 96 percent, and its stock price plummeted.

I am not an ex-employee of Hershey, but I am fed up with copycat American businesses who sell out to foreign suppliers at the expense of American workers. Flash! Ghirardelli Chocolate Co. is planning to open a distribution center and retail outlet in Lathrop -- employing American workers. Lets give Ghirardelli our chocolate business; thumbs down to Hershey and R.H. Lenny. Revenge can be sweet!