Letters to the Editor

The other side of dog shooting story

This is in response to the story "Dog shot following trespass complaint" (Oct. 4, Page B-2). First of all, there was no reason for the officer to shoot Girlfriend the dog; she was not trying to bite them. When she saw the officers, she was turning to run from them because she is afraid of guns. And if there was cause to shoot her, it definitely did not take three shots to put her down. The owner didn't put her in the car and take off, as the story said. The owner had to wait 30 minutes for a ride to get there to take her to two different vets, which both turned her away.

The officers handed the owner a card to call for help on the bill. But that's a joke; she has to submit a claim and they will decide if they will pay. They left Girlfriend shot and offered no help. That was cruel. Last of all, Girlfriend is not a pit bull; she is a mutt.