Letters to the Editor

When will we have to hide mangers?

Christmas is around the corner. It started me thinking of underhanded happenings that are going on in our country. There is an organization, I won't name it for fear that The Bee would not be able to print my letter, that is quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, going about trying to destroy the quality of spirituality on which our country was founded.

There are some good people fighting to keep the Ten Commandments displayed. What would our country be like without rules? What would our country be like without the reminder of the cross, which also has been ordered to be removed?

With Christmas in the future, I trust there will never come a time that we will have to hide manger scenes. It is frightening to think about that. A 15-inch ceramic figurine was given to me of a Santa Claus kneeling and worshipping the baby Jesus in the manager. It's a precious scene. Let us work at keeping Christmas the way it was intended for over 2,000 years.