Letters to the Editor

City attorney deserves an apology

While I am appreciative of the support The Bee has given to the Mobile Home Rental issue, I feel your editorial ("Charter reform proposal hides in murky language," Oct. 12), was unfairly critical of city attorney Susana Alcala Wood.

Wood has labored tirelessly with those of us involved in the mobile home rental struggle and has crafted a document that must stand against the legal challenges that will surely come from mobile-home park owner Equity LifeStyle Properties. It is a company well-known for litigation against any and all entities that attempt to control or deny their ability to drive seniors from their homes through unreasonably astronomical rent increases.

The obstacles to drafting this agreement were many and it is, we trust, as close to bulletproof as it can logically be.

Your criticism of a process you were not involved in is unwarranted and, while I know it will not be forthcoming, you owe Wood an apology.