Letters to the Editor

Investigate Stanislaus animal shelter

Kudos to The Bee for starting the weekly Pet Page and for printing articles and letters to the editor to bring attention to the appalling conditions at Stanislaus County Animal Services. I have lived in Modesto for five years and have heard only criticism about Animal Services. Not only has nothing changed, but conditions have gotten worse and once-dedicated volunteers and staff are dropping out like flies.

Who is running the day-to-day operations? What government representative oversees the facility? Are they actively involved in the facility's welfare, or sitting behind a desk "managing" the place? Are my tax dollars paying the salaries of people who are doing an extremely inadequate job protecting the lives of innocent animals? Is it asking too much to hire or elect people who actually care about animals and will implement changes?

I implore The Bee to run a weekly article on the Pet Page with the latest news at animal services. Those in charge should be held accountable. The Bee can play a crucial role in this by exposing what is really happening, why, and making people accountable.