Letters to the Editor

SCHIP foes misinform about cutoff

In response to the letter "Government mean to taxpayers" (Oct. 6), the writer parrots the claims from the Bush administration and Republicans that the SCHIP bill would allow children in families with annual incomes of up to $83,000 to be eligible. However, the bill essentially caps the maximum eligibility level at 300 percent of the federal poverty level, or $61,800. At levels above 300 percent, states would receive a lower federal match that averages 70 percent.

The writer and Bush are disseminating misinformation based on the wishes of New York's governor, whose state has a higher cost of living than most other areas of the country.

The president recently asked for $190 billion more for the Iraq war in 2008. The SCHIP bill would cost an additional $35 billion over five years. That's $7 billion per year, less than 4 percent of what we are spending on Iraq and Afghanistan. The health of our children trumps our need to stay in Iraq. Bush's campaign rhetoric included promises to provide health care to the children of the poor. What happened?