Letters to the Editor

Chin: Alvarez a good replacement in MCS

It has been a privilege to serve as a Modesto City Schools trustee these last eight years. Some say it is a thankless job, but the rewards are in the faces of the children who thrive in the opportunity to learn more every day. I owe many thanks to education professionals, political supporters, friends, and finally, family, who have appreciated the energy it takes to do the job well. I couldn't do the job without them.

I recommend Maria Alvarez for election to the Modesto City Schools Board of Education. She's smart, she's caring, and she's got the big picture. She will lead in broadening education options for all students. Since one in four Modesto City Schools students are English learners, her professional expertise with English learners is significant. I know she will support values around family, parental involvement and high character standards. She owes no special interest, and she's a team player. I think she'll hit the ground running. Alvarez deserves a seat on the MCS board and MCS needs her experience.


Modesto City Schools board member