Letters to the Editor

Clark is honest and won't sell water to SF

I live in District 1 of the Oakdale Irrigation District. I want the person representing my family to make informed, honest decisions in the best interest of our community. That is why I'm voting to re-elect Frank Clark to the OID Board. I called Frank the other day to ask him about the signs around town for his opponent and other signs that state "Keep Water Local" and "No Sales to SF." Frank told me he does not support water sales to San Francisco. Frank supports keeping our water local and working within our region and with MID and TID to better serve the local communities.

Those two answers provided the truth I needed and cleared up the mixed message these signs are trying to promote. Don't be fooled by false advertising. If you want straight answers, call the candidate and ask!

I have had the pleasure of serving on several committees with Frank that benefit the Oakdale community. He is a hardworking, honest and dedicated man who values his hometown and the people who live here.

Frank deserves our support and appreciation of his time and effort to make Oakdale a better place. Join me in voting to re-elect Frank Clark to the OID board.