Letters to the Editor

Did veteran's war sacrifice go to waste?

He was diagnosed with cancer caused by Agent Orange in 2002. Chemotherapy was useless and drugs to control pain meant his last months were often spent in confusion. We got one phone call from Veterans Affairs, telling us the government appreciated our sacrifice for freedom, but all money from a class-action lawsuit was disbursed in the 1990s. Thirty-three years after returning from war, he died because of it.

Imagine my consternation when I read last spring of President Bush's luncheon with the leader of Vietnam and his desire to create a business relationship with our former "enemy."

I am greatly concerned for our troops fighting this current war. What does the future hold for them? Will their survivors someday read about a future president's business dinner with someone who once was the enemy? Perhaps it is time we reflect on the impact this war will have on future generations and reconsider the reasons we are there. Are the costs worth it?