Letters to the Editor

Women as leaders benefit all

I almost lost my breakfast when I read the letter "Women lack strength to lead nation" (Oct. 11). What era is the writer living in? I have the answer: The era where women could not vote, could not hold office, and did as the man said! Well, that era is over.

More importantly, just because the writer thinks that Hillary Clinton would not be a qualified president, should not, and does not mean that other women could not get the job done -- and do it just as great, if not better, than a man!

The writer stated, "It would be a risk to our nation" if a woman were elected president. That is a horrible insult to all women, past and present, who have held and who currently hold positions of power.

Actually, it is not a risk, but would be beneficial to have a "brave, qualified, strong, wise" woman lead our nation. There are plenty of us here in the real world demonstrating that every single day!

A note to the previous letter writer: Get out your history books and read about the great women presidents and rulers in the world. You might change your mind.