Letters to the Editor

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The writer of "Women lack strength to lead nations" is the one who doesn't know the facts; to promote such a chauvinist theory in today's world is dismaying. There have always been female rulers! Some Egyptian queens are believed to have governed from around 3000 BC, and the first to be verified without doubt is Kubaba, who ruled the Mesopotamian city-state of Ur about 2500 BC.

There are 192 members of the United Nations; 17 have female leaders. There are three reigning queens -- Denmark, Netherlands and the U.K., which also has four female governors general in Antigua, Barbados, Canada and St. Lucia, who function as de-facto heads of state. There are seven female presidents (Chile, Finland, India, Ireland, Liberia, Philippines and Switzerland). There are also women prime ministers (Germany, New Zealand, Mozambique and Antilles).

The letter writer should be ashamed of her lack of knowledge and research. Where's a Queen Bee when you need one?