Letters to the Editor

Columnist didn't give whole picture

Modesto is proud of its homegrown arts organizations, which have enjoyed the support of generations of residents. Modesto Performing Arts is one of these groups, with a solid support base. Columnist Jeff Jardine does MPA and those that support it a disservice by not presenting the entire picture regarding Randi Linee's relations with MPA ("Actress has bad break as Peter," Sept. 11, Page B-1).

MPA's support base, and the public in general, surely realize that when a major accident occurs -- the first in MPA's 40-year history -- all of the parties have responsibilities: MPA has a responsibility to its public liability carrier, to conduct its dealings with Ms. Linee in accordance with its insurance policy; when claims are made, MPA will make sure its carrier attends to the claims immediately, pursuant to its obligations to MPA.

Ms. Linee is a treasure to our community. MPA treasures her special talent, and she has graciously consented to play the other famous Mary Martin role, Nellie Forbush, in "South Pacific" in next year's MPA shows.

As for Jardine's hasty conclusions, "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair."


attorney for MPA


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