Letters to the Editor

Cats, climate theorists share in denial

I have a black and white cat named Shadow. Shadow has a perpetual expression of amazement and never smiles. I observed Shadow attacking a small object on the carpet. He would leap into the air and come down, claws and teeth bared; the object was doomed. I assumed it must be a mouse or a bug, but it was actually a chip of wood!

When I pointed this out, Shadow became uneasy and resented my comments. He indicated he had reached a consensus with my other cat, Brownie, and determined it was not a wood chip and that I was a denier of the consensus. As a denier, I was being antisocial and a danger to the cat community.

This reminds me of the climate scare. Proponents of man-made Earth warming claim that increased levels of carbon dioxide cause Earth warming. But ice-core records indicate that increased levels of carbon dioxide follow Earth warming and thus could not cause it. To keep the hoax going, they must silence scientists who deny their theory. If they fail, the whole plan to socialize America will collapse. This could actually result in our children living in a free and prosperous country.

Meanwhile, Shadow still attacks the wood chip.