Letters to the Editor

Police response lacking at Davis Park

I play softball at Davis Park on Monday nights, and lately there have been things happening there that make me fear for the safety of myself and my family. Cars have been broken into on numerous occasions and the latest, a kidnapping ("Police seek kidnappers," Wednesday, Page B-2).

The police have been called every time a car has been broken into, and every time, it takes an hour or more for them to get there. When someone finally arrives, it's not even a real police officer. They send someone in a community service truck so the real officers don't have to worry about all the paperwork. So while you're waiting for this city employee to arrive, you have to wonder if someone is watching from the shadows, waiting to attack you. At least at other parks, I know the people in the shadows are just waiting for someone to leave their cans or bottles behind.

The police are not taking these matters seriously. If someone calls in every other Monday night, or any night when there are games going on, for the same reason, shouldn't there be some attention paid to the area? If you play at Davis or any softball park and arrive alone, make sure someone walks you to your car when you leave. You never know who's waiting in the shadows.