Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the racist judgment

"Muchisimas gracias" to the gentleman who wrote that hard-working, legal Latino citizens like myself can blame the influx of illegals for our "bad name" ("Illegals make Latinos look bad," Oct. 1, Letters). Though the most compassionate anti-illegal immigration activists claim that racism is not a factor in the current debate, it's still reassuring to know that this "bad name" isn't perceived racism, but a real judgment of all Latinos based on attitudes toward "illegals" (whose barbarous ways, I guess, we are now obligated to decry). Knowing this makes it easier for us to live among you and is not racist. Not racist at all.

To the gentleman who (ignorantly) believes that rudeness and keeping unlicensed menageries are typical Mexican values ("Follow the law or go back to wherever," Oct. 4, Letters): What a great idea! Think -- in English, of course -- of what a utopia America would be if only every unseemly neighbor would just go back to his or her native country! Not many people would remain.

Seriously, how satisfying is it to impugn a whole group of people over problems that are typical of any neighborhood? Your bad neighbors represent all Mexicans? How small is your world? Of course, the storybook immigrants of the re-imagined past were never just bad neighbors, right?