Letters to the Editor

Support 'Paintball for Jesus'

Regarding the article "Paintball ... for Jesus?" (Sept. 29, Page G-3): When I saw this headline, I thought, "Good clean fun!" Then I was surprised to read of the resistance. Kids have been playing war games, cowboys-and-Indians, cops-and- robbers, etc, for centuries. They need outlets for their energy and competitiveness. This sounds like a positive setting for that, without causing damage, injury or worse. For those concerned about the church-state issue, please suggest alternatives. They desperately need positive activities. In Mariposa County, you say you are pro-gun and everyone respects that. Here in Stanislaus, many of the guns are held by non-law-abiding citizens and robberies and drive-bys are common occurrences; deaths are too frequent. How I wish our youth were only shooting paintballs!