Letters to the Editor

Support us as we support you

I am not the only one who noticed that the Gallo Center for the Arts grand opening gala was void of local caterers and event planners ("Use local caterers at Gallo Center," Oct. 6, Letters). In early June, a local caterer and event planner I have used for many upscale and large events asked me for a letter of recommendation to present to the Gallo board to help convince them to at least grant her an opportunity to bid. She, too, wanted to rally the many excellent caterers in our community and divide the work among them.

My family, as have so many others, has enthusiastically contributed to the support of the center and wanted to see the same people who are being asked to support the center be supported in kind. To no avail; the local caterer was told a San Francisco company would get the job.

We need to focus on goods and services available in Modesto. Doing otherwise might be misconstrued as saying, "We don't think Modesto is upscale enough." Perhaps those we turn our backs on will say, "Then fill your seats with an audience from San Francisco."