Letters to the Editor

What is it police lack? Manners

I don't want to be overly critical of law enforcement because I know they have a tough job. However, there have been a few recent, minor incidents and a couple of articles that got me thinking. The author of the letter "What are we getting from police?" (Oct. 7) decried the fact that the police are no longer responding to burglar alarms. Is it that they don't have the funds, the manpower, the resources -- the typical excuses? Anyone who has spent any time in or around the downtown area -- that seething hub of violence -- would be quick to notice that there is no shortage of manpower.

And now they've got the BEAR, a $270,000 armored vehicle complete with rotating gun turrets. Cool! It's big and loud. That should help make Modesto even more of a totalitarian state.

Ever ask an officer for directions? I have. It's the quickest way to having yourself regarded as a cockroach. I guess they don't have the resources to be polite.