Letters to the Editor

U.S. still wanted, needed in Iraq

In response to "Label pages 'War and Occupation' " (Sept. 26, Letters): The writer says we should get out of Iraq and so does The Bee ("It's time to bring the troops home," Sept. 16, Page B-6). Let's rethink this proposition. Say Saddam Hussein did have weapons of mass destruction (which he did; they weren't put together and could've been within days). Would you like to have a maniac who waged biological warfare on his own people to walk around with WMD? The Iraqis still want and need us there. You say they don't due to the fact you see on TV, or in this newspaper, the pictures of people with posters saying "end occupation," etc. What about the thousands who want us there? Just get up and leave them? I think not.

I don't know what you were taught, but I was raised to finish something you start, and guess what? It's not finished yet. But hey, what does a 16-year-old know?