Letters to the Editor

Wal-Mart imports China's problems

Why aren't more parents and pet owners screaming about Wal-Mart's lack of concern for our kids' and pets' safety? Wal-Mart's connection to the products made in China is now our problem. Wal-Mart's use of inferior materials in baby bibs and lead paint toys in inexcusable. Finding traces of melamine (an industrial chemical used in making plastics) in pet treats is scary. How does melamine get into pet treats?

Why has this happened? Why isn't Wal-Mart apologizing and begging for our forgiveness instead of blaming the manufacturer?

Let's face it, if a local cannery had skimped on quality and melamine entered our food supply, heads would roll. Hopefully we wouldn't just shrug our shoulders and say, "Oh well, I only paid a buck for it."

When Wal-Mart jeopardizes our kids' and pets' safety, I cannot sit back idly twirling my thumbs. My kids and my pets are more valuable than shopping for specials at Wal-Mart.