Letters to the Editor

People also transplanted to Bay

In response to "If we can't acts no better, they shouldna builded it" (Sept. 27, Letters): The writer was addressing his annoyance with the article "Best behavior" (Sept. 23, Page I-1). I didn't read that article, but I don't think it matters. It was apparent the letter writer's annoyance had more to do with something other than the article. He mentioned the "Big City" (is there only one?), "Bay Area Transplants" and "being ran off the road." He made a lot of assumptions. I'm assuming, too, that the unsafe drivers to whom he referred are the same Bay Area Transplants.

Maybe the writer isn't aware of it, but the Bay Area is made up of so-called "transplants," too -- full of people from other states, cities and countries! I lived there 46 years. We're people!

As for his comments about "unsafe drivers" -- don't worry, I won't run you off the road. But please, don't drive 25 mph in front of me on a 55 mph highway. My Mercedes won't go that slow.