Letters to the Editor

Downey flunks communication

I give the Downey High School administration an F in communication. If there is a threat of a shooting at a school, every parent has a right to know this information immediately. Parents also have the right to make decisions about the safety of their children. If Downey is consulting with the police, parents should be kept informed.

A written threat of violence was discovered Sept. 25. I didn't receive a letter from the school until Oct. 3. This is unacceptable. Downey could communicate with parents via e-mail or telephone if sending a note home quickly is too complicated. Does the administration care more about their funding than about the safety of their students?

My daughter loves her teachers at Downey. She enjoys the orchestra program and the diversity of the student body, and she would like to stay there. I am very disappointed in the irresponsible way that the Downey administration handled this situation. We have all seen too many tragedies in schools around our country. We need to face facts honestly and communicate with each other. I hope that our rights as parents will be respected in the future.