Letters to the Editor

Outsourcing causes brain damage

When did Americans become so naive? I guess the "dumbing down" has been going on for many years. Education has been on the back burner so long that almost all other countries are educating their children to be smarter than ours. We have total boneheads running our country while brilliant people in other countries are planning to take us over.

Do you really think the lead in the paint on children's toys was a mistake? The Chinese are very intelligent. They have probably known about brain damage caused by lead for longer than we have. What a great opportunity Mattel and other companies have given these people. Not only does outsourcing damage our economy, but now other countries can hurt us through our own products.

When does America pull its head out of the sand? Where is the pride that was once America? People of all ethnicities are welcome here, but they will learn our history and truly prove they want to be Americans and earn their citizenship. When we let in every Tom, Sahib and José, it appears we have no pride or respect for our beautiful country.