Letters to the Editor

Do the right thing for your pets

I am angry and appalled that there are so many irresponsible and heartless people out there who won't and don't care for the animals they have taken responsibility for. Puppies and kittens are cute, but they grow up. And they require care, which includes veterinary care and a loving, caring and humane home life. If you decide that you don't want that dog or cat that grew up and isn't so cute anymore, do the responsible thing and take it to animal control where it can be cared for, spayed or neutered, and possibly find a better home.

I am in the process of trapping a mommy and five beautiful kittens -- a process that is terrifying to these poor babies, not to mention heartbreaking for me. Luckily for this family of beautiful, but wild,

left-behind cats, I have a wonderful veterinarian who has agreed to spay and neuter them (at my expense) and release them at a local farm.

Is it so hard to do the right thing?