Letters to the Editor

People with autism, not autistic people

Thank you for your article on Asperger syndrome ("Looking for answers," Oct. 7, Page A-1). In view of the alarming increase in the worldwide number of those who live with Asperger syndrome or classic autism, the more that is known about this insidious condition the better equipped we will be to deal with it.

There is one error in your reporter's otherwise excellent story. The article frequently referred to "autistic boys," "autistic high schoolers," "the autistic spectrum," etc. The accepted phrase is "with autism." It is used by parents, professionals and others who work with those who have any form of the syndrome. My grandson, Zev, is a young man with autism. Though the difference in terminology might not appear to be of much significance, it is important to those who are involved and I believe their wishes should be respected, particularly in the media.