Letters to the Editor

Try laissez-faire as an education policy

President Bush is a good Republican in regard to business. He knows that in order to make money, you have to spend it. He likes to keep business taxes low, offering entrepreneurs the tools necessary to keep businesses growing in creative ways. Bush also has sense enough to know that laissez-faire allows our businesses the freedom to become some of the strongest economic powerhouses of the world.

You'd think Bush would be smart enough to apply these same principles to our education system. I've been a teacher for 20 years. There was a time I was free to create lessons that were great fun. I was allowed to show the full colors of my craft and I was trusted to teach my curriculum. Those days are gone, and I wonder if I'll last another 20 years.

With the advent of No Child Left Behind, Bush has shown his communist side. He trusts businesses to do their jobs, but not teachers. He wants more and more control over the education system. He has turned teachers into servants of tests. I feel like a soldier who looks like every other soldier. Before you know it, Bush will have us saluting his picture in our classrooms.