Letters to the Editor

Protect nature, but don't worship it

It appears that everyone is becoming more environmentally minded these days. Organic food and hybrid cars are "in," as are sensationalist documentaries about global warming. This has caused me to think a lot about what the Christian response to environmental-

ism should be. Here are my thoughts:

God has entrusted us to be stewards of this planet, and so we should do all we can to take good care of it. We have to live here, after all. But we also need to make sure that the measures we take will not hurt the poor. Saving the environment at the cost of the needy is unethical. This is one of the reasons the evangelical community has been reluctant to jump on the "global warming catastrophe" bandwagon.

We must remember that many environmentalists practically worship nature. As Christians, we worship nature's God. So while Christians shouldn't be afraid to become involved in protecting the environment, we must recognize the fundamental differences between the Christian worldview and the naturalistic worldview shared by many in the environmentalist camp.