Letters to the Editor

Illegals' kids don't choose to be born

In answer to, "No citizenship for illegals' kids born here" (Sept. 26, Letters): There is no beauty in condemnation. True beauty is in compassion. Children born in America are born in innocence. They are not responsible for the wrongs of their parents.

Is it wrong to reach for food when you're starving? We must have a sincere purpose in faith to heal gaping wounds in today's society. When we finally acknowledge our ignorance and blindness, wisdom will give us eyes to see. A baby has no enmity to another. All children born in America are citizens by birth regardless if their parents are immigrants or not here legally. This is an American law, and the way of life in America.

Remember, my brother, the coin which you drop into the withered hand stretched toward you is the only golden chain that binds your heart to the loving heart of God.