Letters to the Editor

Add 'local hire' stipulation to contracts

With all the new construction work that has been going on in the valley and in particular, the city of Modesto, I have concerns regarding local hiring. In many other cities and counties, contractors on new construction are required to have a shop located within the county in which the work will be performed. Contracts in Modesto are being awarded to out-of-state contractors whose employees live in Texas, Arizona, etc. and do not hire even one local employee. I understand city and county budget constraints, but I also understand that these out-of-state workers take all of their money home and do not support businesses in this community.

Having "local hire" stipulated in bid documents for our city and county supports our community. When a local worker goes to the grocery store, the theater, out to dinner, to a building supply company, etc., the city and county receive a return for their investment.