Letters to the Editor

Ceres needs Measure H for its safety

On behalf of the Ceres Firefighters Professional Union and the Ceres Police Officers Association, we are writing regarding the future public safety of Ceres. In an effort to increase the number of public safety personnel, Measure H -- a half-cent sales tax measure that will allow for the hiring of additional police officers and firefighters -- has been placed on the November ballot.

As in surrounding communities, our general fund is not able to support a significant increase in public safety personnel. With passage of Measure H, we hope that within five years we will be able to put 13 new firefighters and 11 new police officers on the streets. This includes a street-crimes team which will focus on alleviating drug and gang problems.

An oversight committee will review expenditures and ensure that the integrity of Measure H is maintained.

The Ceres POA and Ceres Firefighters Union have taken strong stances to help this measure pass. Rank-and-file personnel are standing behind this measure, working for its success. The families of our public safety officers and firefighters are taking a commanding role to support their loved ones and aid in our community's safety. We ask voters for their support by voting yes on Measure H.


president, Ceres Professional Firefighters Union, Local 3636


president, Ceres Police Officers Association