Letters to the Editor

Thanks for citing illegal car sales

We want to commend Mayor Jim Ridenour, Sheriff Adam Christianson and Modesto Police Chief Roy Wasden for their efforts in issuing citations to the vehicles that were parked along Crows Landing Road, Hatch Road, and Whitmore Avenue illegally for sale on a recent weekend.

Many of the vehicles are brought in from other counties and sold on the street. Sometimes there are more than 300 vehicles brought in. These people do not have a business license in Stanislaus County; therefore, this county loses out on any sales taxes or revenues. If a vehicle is a lemon, stolen or has past citations, it is not the seller that gets the bad reputation, but Crows Landing Road, Modesto and Stanislaus County. We hope that if people are looking for a used vehicle, they will purchase them from car lots in Stanislaus County, especially those on Crows Landing Road.

Contrary to any misconceptions, we guarantee you that it is safe to shop, eat and mingle at any of the businesses on Crows Landing Road. Stanislaus County has many offices along Crows Landing, including the sheriff and county ag offices; Gallo has property out here, and WinCo Foods has a huge warehouse.


president, Crows Landing Road of Stanislaus County Comerciantes Unidos Modesto