Letters to the Editor

Bush's veto the right thing to do

The liberal Bush-haters are at it again.

President Bush told them that if they sent the children's health bill to him as it was written, he would veto it. They knew that they did not have enough votes to override a veto.

So what was the point in wasting all of that time sending it anyway? To make Bush look bad, of course.

Why do we need a bill that would take children off private insurance and put them on government-sponsored insurance? Congress says that we can trust the states to take care of these problems, but when have we ever been able to trust the government to do what is the right thing?

People who work for these government agencies are not paid to keep people off these programs, but to put as many people as possible on them. Their jobs depend on it.

In any hospital or emergency room, there are signs in many languages stating that no one can be turned away because they can't pay.

Anyone who wants to give more money to the government to spend is crazy as a pet raccoon.


Los Banos