Letters to the Editor

How much do you think they got paid?

In regard to the remarks in the letter “Pity the poor Hershey workers” (Oct. 1): I would like to ask the writer if she knows how much hourly employees get paid here at Hershey’s. I can honestly say they are not overpaid by any stretch of the imagination. I am a salaried employee and I am paid less than the national standard for my trade. Much of the manufacturing and processing is unique to our products and does not translate easily into other facets of the food processing industry, making retraining a necessity rather than a luxury. And since you obviously forgot, or refuse to notice, we are taxpayers too and unemployment insurance is taken from our wages as well. Your self-righteous remarks are off the mark and an insult to all workers who have lost their jobs to outsourcing, obsolescence or other reasons beyond their control.


Utilities Operator, Hershey Foods Corporation