Letters to the Editor

Milton Hershey left a rich legacy

Milton Hershey built Hershey, Penn. He hired men to build it and later to work in the first Hershey chocolate plant. His people were working when there was no work to be found.

When the houses were being built for the workers and their families, a foreman was bragging to Mr. Hershey about the new invention that he obtained and that it took the place of 50 men. Milton saw a backhoe and said to the foreman: “Get rid of it and get 50 men.”

He believed in the American way and in helping others. He believed in family. When I worked at Hershey, I was part of that family and I was proud. I don’t think Milton looked so much at the bottom line as into the hearts of men. He and his wife, who could not have children of their own, started the Hershey School, which the trust provides for.

We all worked hard for the company, broke records many times and made the rich richer. I’m grateful for the legacy but sad for the company. I felt the hatchet coming when I left five years ago.