Letters to the Editor

Get mad at your son, not the principal

In regards to the Sept. 29 article "Teens made to apologize on hands, knees" (Page A-1): Have I got this straight? Two freshmen with a history of "confrontation" duke it out on campus and, as punishment, Principal Don Davis makes the boys get down on their hands and knees, with a chair between them, apologize and promise their behavior would end!

Oh, and the mother is mad at the principal.

Penny Watson is torqued at the wrong person! If she thinks this type of correction is "demeaning," she needs to stop defending her son's ill behavior and start using some creative discipline at home. Then maybe he'll get the message that fighting on the campus is unacceptable.

School is a place of learning, and learning can't take place in a hostile environment.

Get with it, Mom -- work with the principal, not against him.