Letters to the Editor

The world seems to be cooling off

With South America having its coldest winter in nearly 100 years, and Australia having a far colder winter than normal, it is time to change our terminology to something other than "global warming."

Carbon dioxide is well mixed in the atmosphere; there is as much in the air over Argentina and Australia as there is over Modesto. If it were the cause of "global" warming wouldn't its effects be seen in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the Northern? While you consider that, think also about the fact that many studies (nearly all) of climate data show that in the historical record, as today, the rise in carbon dioxide follows a rise in temperature by decades. Warming creates higher release of carbon dioxide from the oceans. Followers cannot be forcers.

Global mean temperature has remained steady for five years, and many scientists believe that we face a colder tomorrow. Will we then yearn for the warm days of today?