Letters to the Editor

No difference between the parties

I considered myself a Republican until I realized what they are. Then I registered as a Democrat until I realized that Democrats are Republicans in sheepskins.

Last November, we voted the Democrats in because they had promised to put an end to this senseless war in Iraq. They also promised to change how politics is done. They have done nothing other than to stay in step with the president.

During the Democratic debates, not one of them would guarantee that we would be out of Iraq by 2013. They have gone along with the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment, which gives President Bush a blank check to attack Iran, and they will soon give him the largest defense bill since the start of the war.

I have registered as an independent and vote for all independent candidates. And I don't mean people like Sen. Joe Lieberman, either. We should all recognize by now that our entire government needs to be voted out and we need a fresh start. We need to let them know that business as usual will no longer be tolerated by the American people. Everyone should vote independent.