Letters to the Editor

Discipline is in eye of beholder

In regards to The Bee article (“Second chances: Amid complaints that policies were subjective, overly strict, new focus put on intervention,” Sept. 24, Page A-1): Are you stinking kidding me? “The lighter penalties are for the more minor infractions, such as swearing, eating in class and disobeying a teacher.”

What you term “minor infractions” could be considered excuses for bad behavior and disrespect for the learning environment. Maybe if rules were enforced, starting at home, these kids would know where they stand.

I have some serious concerns with the ACLU’s information about explusion rates. Could it be that the reason the expulsion rates were higher for blacks and Latinos is because the number of incidents by those groups was higher? This may not be so, but what is the data? What are the comparative numbers?

In case no one has been paying attention, crying “race” has become the mantra for adolsecents. I would like to see any one of those parents, or any other person who wants to criticize “arbitrary” rules, go into a classroom and maintain any kind of order while attempting to teach.