Letters to the Editor

How does O’Reilly talk with his foot in his mouth?

Imagine that, Bill O’Reilly has dinner at a restaurant in Harlem, and “couldn’t get over the fact” that the African-American patrons weren’t yelling obscenities and that “there wasn’t any kind of craziness at all.” He also noted that Anita Baker’s band was dressed in tuxedos (I guess he was expecting them to be dressed like gangsta rappers).

He comments that “this is what white American doesn’t know, particularly people who don’t have a lot of interaction with black Americans.”

Well, Bill, this may be what people who listen to your show, and find you clever or profound, might believe, but it’s not what most of “white America” believes. Most of us see the same spectrum of people and behavior in African-Americans and others that we see in ourselves. That this somehow surprises you shows not how broad you are, but how narrow. Perhaps you might do some good for this country if you encouraged your loyal listeners to venture out into the world around them and meet their neighbors (especially those of a different color or ethnicity). If there’s any reason we “white Americans” are ignorant of other cultures, perhaps it has more to do with the perceptions of conservative pundits like yourself than with the people whom you so readily dismiss and marginalize — unless they behave and dress in a way you find acceptable.