Letters to the Editor

Government mean to taxpayers

President Bush vetoed an increase in a bill to provide health care for children. The increased entitlements would have included families of four earning up to $83,000 with "dependent children" up to age 25. By using his veto pen, the president clearly was telling Congress that redistribution of wealth is not an option;

I, for one, say "Thank you, Mr. President."

Some softheads out there are thinking, "That's mean. What about the children? What about the poor?"

Consider this: The Government Accounting Office reported that federal workers have wasted (purposely misused) millions of taxpayer dollars on unnecessary upgrades for air travel. Dollars that come from you and me. Money taken out of our paychecks is being mismanaged by a spoiled, bloated government -- and I am tired of being pick-pocketed. So when you hear any elected official insist they need your money for the poor, recall this example and ask: Who's being mean?