Letters to the Editor

Gallo Center blesses all of us

I and my family attended all of the gala opening performances in the Gallo Center for the Arts and the reaction from audiences was one of tremendous excitement. Many said to me that they were proud to own a piece of this wonderful structure. Yes, they do own a piece of it; all county taxpayers paid for a part of it.

Tony Bennett was right when he said, "You have a wonderful place here. They don't build theaters like this anymore; they only build filing cabinets."

A theater is either a curse or a blessing; this theater is a blessing. With every performer who comes here, the word of its being a first-class venue will get around; top people will come knocking at its door.

This didn't happen by accident. The Gallo Center's board of directors selected the best in seating, lighting and sound. From the architect to the cement finisher, every piece of construction was a labor of love. They worked on it as if they were creating a living thing.

This theater will bring life to the music, to the story, to the dancers and to the musicians as well as to the audience. It will bring immeasurable pleasure to the hearts of people throughout the community. Its economic benefit will be felt countywide; it will provide a catalytic effect on the future of the county seat.


former Stanislaus County supervisor