Letters to the Editor

Abortion: Irresponsibility, murder

Abortion is mainly murder. You are taking the life of an unborn baby that has not even come into the world.

This is just a thing that people do who are too dumb and irresponsible to take credit for their own action. They get involved in sexual intercourse, end up pregnant, freak out and get an abortion without thinking what they are doing. These people are selfish, only thinking about themselves and what they want in their lives. I doubt that baby wanted to die.

If you can't take care or handle the responsibilities of a baby, then maybe you should not be having intercourse. Even if you are pregnant and you think you can't take care of the baby, don't get an abortion. There are plenty of people who can't have babies and would love to adopt a child. It's not right to end a baby's life because you were irresponsible.


Central Valley High School student