Letters to the Editor

Dance to another tune, please

Jeff Jardine's column ("City stops dancing around ordinance," Sept. 30, Page B-1) nicely demonstrates the absurdity and overkill that can occur when the bureaucracy tries to micromanage behavior -- in this case, defining dance.

To help the 12-person advisory committee, I went to Webster's New World Dictionary. The No. 1 definition of dance is "to perform either alone or with others a rhythmic and patterned succession of steps usually to music." Further definitions add complexity. Lights dance, hearts dance with happiness, objects dance up and down in water, and my favorite "dance to another tune" means "to follow a changed course of action."

I would suggest the city Safety Committee dance to another tune and focus on actions that might be a consequence of dancing rather than get bogged down trying to define dancing.

Done appropriately, there will be fewer lights dancing from police cruisers, more patrons performing rhythmic successions of steps and more owners' hearts dancing with happiness.